The Legacy Continues...

October 2009

Although the Greg Moore Foundation is no longer pursuing charitable donations or accepting bursary applications the organization is very active in our communities. Since its inception the foundation has assisted with the following:

  • Greg Moore Youth Center which hosts 85,000 young visitors a year. Including the funding of a climbing wall and ongoing funding to support summer programs for youths and volunteers.
  • Greg Moore Emergency Wing of the Maple Ridge Hospital. The Foundation is a major donor and supporter of the campaign to modernize the emergency ward to the revised standards for size and available equipment in this trauma-unit.
  • Union Gospel Mission. Supporting the area of the women’s and children’s shelter for calmness, safety and lift skills training.
  • Mel Zajac Ranch for Children. Funding for the Greg Moore wellness room for children with major or terminal illness’s who cannot attend regular camps.
  • Greg Moore display area at the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame which includes major displays of Greg’s racing career from his Go-carts to the Indy Car circuit.
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind, sending 100 children to summer camp.
  • Union Gospel Mission funding meals for over 20,000 in need.
  • Kids Sport B.C. support funding for children to become involved in sports who otherwise would be excluded due to cost.
  • Big Sisters of B.C. A regular donator for the funding involved with the of pairing Big Sisters with Little Sisters.
  • Meadow Ridge School funding for up to two university scholarships each year at Greg’s old school in Maple Ridge.
  • University of British Columbia School of Nursing funding scholarship for deserving students.
  • Michael J Fox Foundation funding research into Parkinson Disease which Michael is fighting on a daily basis.
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation donation of cash and books to be sold to help raise funds for research into this disease.
  • British Columbia Brain Injury Association donation of cash and books to be sold to help raise funds for research into this important research.
  • Kidney Foundation of British Columbia donation of cash and books to be sold to help raise funds for research into this disease.

Of course the foundation wouldn’t be able to contribute to these very worthy organizations if it were not for the support from our dedicated board and the major benefactors of the foundation, including:

  • Mr. Jerry Forsythe
  • Mr. Al Speyer
  • Molson Breweries
  • Molstar Entertainment
  • Imperial tobacco and Players Racing
  • Mercedes Benz of Canada, U.S.A. and Germany
  • Phillip Morris U.S.A.

We would especially like to thank the thousands of supporters who have donated small and large amounts to the memory of Greg.

Their generosity will allow the foundation to continue for numerous years to come and continue Greg’s charitable works.

With all of our sincerity; thank you,

Ric and Donna Moore